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Best map editing practice

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New Roads: not a heading for parking lot
When creating or editing a junction, it is very important to understand the nuances of how the Waze routing engine looks at the map segments and junctions. The [[Junction Style Guide]] provides the best practices with the many different types of junctions.
== New Roads ==
=== Parking Lots ===
The Parking Lot Road type exists to allow the mapping of parking lots, while discouraging the routing server from using them for navigation vs. the road network. As of June 2012, Waze applies a [[Routing penalties|transition penalty]] when transitioning from a Parking Lot Road to another road type. This penalty decreases the chance that Waze will route through a parking lot as a shortcut but allows better navigation in and out of a parking lot. Every segment that is used to map a parking lot should be of the Parking Lot segment type. It is advised not to mix road types within a parking lot.
== New Roads ==
=== Recorded via Client ===
Once you start editing a road, it changes from red (a new road) to the colour of a road type (by default a white street) and will then appear on the next [[Timeline of updating process|update of the Live Map]] which goes out to all Waze users.
*When it is first created, the segments are configured as new roads - they need to be edited as above before they become part of the live map.
*Please see [[Creating and Editing a roundabout]] for more information on creating these special intersections.
== Classification of crossings ==
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