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{{anchor|When (Not) to Split a Two-Way Road|When to Split a Two-Way Road (and when not to)|When to divide a TwoWay Road (and when not to)}}When to divide a two-way road (and when not to)
* It is an Interstate Highway (USA) or other Limited Access Highway using the "Freeway" road type,
* GPS tracks show a clearly definable and continuous gap (blank area) between the [[colorcolour-by-azimuth]] arrows at the 100m/500ft [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Scale|zoom level]],
* multiple houses or businesses with no off-street parking are located directly on the street but are not accessible from the opposite direction of travel due to lengthy median, obstruction, or traffic control signage, or
* U-turns are required to properly make turns from public drivable road types that are blocked by a median.