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| [[Oregon]]
| bgcolor="#00FF00" | '''LEGAL STATEWIDE'''
| bgcolor="#FF0000FFFF00" | '''NOT LEGAL[[#Oregon|SEE NOTES BELOW]]'''
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| [[Pennsylvania]]
See the list of communities where cameras are legal [[Ohio#Speed .2F Red Light Cameras|here]].
=== Oregon ===
On July 20, 2015 HB 2126 was signed into law, allowing fixed speed cameras in “urban high crash corridors” within the city limits of Portland. They must be preceded by a sign announcing “Traffic Laws Photo Enforced” that also provides drivers with their current speed between 100 and 400 yards before the camera.
Several cities are allowed to operate manned speed cameras but these are not fixed-location radar and should not be designated in Waze.
=== Pennsylvania ===