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Your Rank and Points

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===Map Editing Rank Criteria===
The information below about points, ranks, and promotion applies to most countries. Please check for any additional information about your country. In particular, countries with rank Self-Management may have very different ranking systems.
If you are NOT in a rank Self-Managed country and you have met the criteria for promotion, please contact [ Waze Support] to request promotion. If you are in a rank Self-Managed country, please refer to the
If you feel that your rank is not what it should be, based on the criteria below, and you are not in a rank Self-Managed country, please read your country-specific information to learn about rank promotion. {{Red|Note: This information was last changed {{as of|July 2014|lc=yes}}. Future changes are still in discussion.}}
Countries with their own pages about editing rank include:
* [[Editing rank USA|USA]].
{{:Editing rank/Rank comparisons}}
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