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Best map editing practice

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Shopping Centers: Resize Photo
*Primary lanes that serve to get people from one area of the lot to another
Remember, the goals here are usability and simplicity. When in doubt, imagine yourself in a car in the lot at various points, and ask yourself what the most efficient way would be to get to a store at the other end of the lot, or to exit the lot and get back on a main road, with as few convolutions as possible. The lanes that are used the most in this thought experiment should be mapped, with the rest being omitted. You can turn on the GPS points layer ([[Shortcut key]] Shift-G) to see where traffic has been most recently to help determine what might be the best section to map.<br/>[[File:ParkingLotRoad ShoppingCenter.png|714px]]
In particular, '''do not''' map every single lane, and especially not every single parking space (it has been done!). This serves no purpose but to clutter the map, confuse directions, and put an unnecessary burden on both the client and server hardware. Remember usability and simplicity are #1. Your editing time and expertise can be better used elsewhere in the map.