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Parking Lots
*it prevents the Waze client from routing thru-traffic along the parking lot segments.
'''NOTE:''' There are few Most parking lots that deserve to should '''not''' be designated as a landmark Waze "place,"and especially not an Area Place (previously known as Landmarks). Landmark-worthy parking must be something of a destination in itself, either having a well-known and documented name, or serving multiple unrelated POIsdestinations. For information pertaining to using the Parking Lot Place please see: [[Places/Parking lot]].
==== Shopping Centers ====
The Parking Lot Road type exists to allow the mapping of parking lots, while discouraging the routing server from using them for navigation vs. the road network. As of June 2012, Waze applies a [[Routing penalties|transition penalty]] when transitioning from a Parking Lot Road to another road type. This penalty decreases the chance that Waze will route through a parking lot as a shortcut but allows better navigation in and out of a parking lot. Every segment that is used to map a parking lot should be of the Parking Lot segment type. It is advised not to mix road types within a parking lot.
=== Recorded via Client ===