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Arizona/Major roads

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Introduction: Add example of I-10 & I-17
They are included in this section.
== Elevation Editing or "Seagulling" ==
[[File:Seagulling.png|alt=Example of Seagulling Segments|thumb|155x155px]]
Seagulling is the editing practice of changing the elevation of one segment as it crosses immediately over/under another segment. This is not necessary and does not serve any navigation purpose. Elevations are used to delineate the crossing segments so they do not create a routing problem. Instead of cutting a segment into small pieces to accommodate the elevation change, it is better to leave the entire segment at the desired elevation.
In Arizona, all primary freeway segments are set to Ground elevation, unless they cross another freeway segment, then one will either be +1 or -1 elevation. An example would be where I-10 crosses I-17.
== State Highway Naming ==
===Arizona to Waze Functional Classification conversion===
====ADOT Gis GIS class and color description====
[[File:AZ-GIS-legend.png|left|Gis Legend]]
The Arizona Classification and Color scheme come from the official Arizona D.O.T (ADOT) Functional Classification (FC) map that is published by ADOT. The legend shows what classifications ADOT uses and what color is assigned to each class.
''' ''Please refer to the Gis GIS FC map link in the [[#Helpful_Links|Helpful Links]] section below for access to the map.'' '''
==Helpful Links==
[ viewer.html?webmap=b560059ae13b49d9b9161e4c6abda509&extent=-119.3098,28.2181,-103.083,37.2136 '''ArcGIS Functional Classification''']
''This version of the map will give you an error when zoomed to the entire state because it has too much data to load. If you zoom to a location, it will show all of the road segments.''