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{{anchor|How to "Un-Split" two One-Way Roads|How to "Un-divide" two One-Way Roads}}How to un-divide two one-way roads: fixed image links and header level
Remember that dividing and un-dividing roads each comes with its own set of problems. Each situation is unique and some issues may be more manageable with a single two-way road, and some may work fine with a divided road. Consider every aspect of routing, and carefully examine each junction before dividing or un-dividing. Regardless of whether you're dividing or un-dividing, remember that you might cause more problems than you solve and you might have to put it back the way it was before. Also remember that dividing and un-dividing each cause loss of some traffic data, which can result in poor Waze routing.
==== {{anchor|How to "Un-Split" two One-Way Roads|How to "Un-divide" two One-Way Roads}}How to un-divide two one-way roads ====
Unfortunately there is no easy way to merge two one-way roads back into a two-way road--which is why you should always give a lot of thought before dividing a road in the first place. And then think some more.
This is our example road segment. For the entire length of the road you need to:
1. Select the two segments to be merged and set them both to two-way.
2. Disconnect both segments from one side of the section being un-divided. It is best to disconnect alternate ends of each segment as shown.
3. Bring the two disconnected ends together in the middle (and realign the roads as necessary). You can remove the junction point you just created by selecting it and using the Delete key.
The following video was recorded by an editor merging two one-way roads so the addresses were preserved. This video follows the described steps above, but may help seeing it happening in real time. Press the "enlarge button in the lower right corner to see it full screen.