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WME Toolbox: Configuration Panel

The configuration panel (CP) provides a number of options to customize an editor's experience with Toolbox. By changing the toolbar and adjusting other settings, users can make Toolbox better suit their needs.

Many options are limited by editor level or role, and not every editor will have access to all features. Any function that has a level or role check should show [AM/CM/L5], [CM/L5], etc. next to the label.


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  • Hide user greetings removes the "Hey [editor name]" greeting from the left sidebar.
  • Force full screen provides more map space by hiding the WME header. This is the same has using Shift+F in WME.
  • Activate popups shows messages for different circumstances depending on what you have selected. This feature has level/role limitations.
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  • Force arrows to be selectable after loading is tied to Junction Node Fixer and retains the Shift-Z or A turn arrow settings when reloading WME. This feature has level/role limitations.

Snapping control

  • Snap distance allows an editor to control the distance in pixels before a selection will "snap" automatically to another object. For example, a segment can snap to a node or another segment. Using a low value makes it more difficult to snap, and values range from 0 to 30 pixels. A value of 0 does not prevent snapping since WME actually will still snap at 1 pixel (this requires editor persistence).

Check forum inbox

  • Frequency controls how often Toolbox will check the Waze forum for a new Private Message. This feature depends on editor level. A level 1 or 2 editor cannot adjust the frequency, and the duration defaults to a check every 30 minutes. Any editor level 3 or higher can adjust the duration from 0 to 60 minutes. A setting of 0 will still allow the check when WME opens but will disable it for the remainder of that browser session. Note that the forum inbox check will not work in the beta editor since beta WME is on a different subdomain from the forum.

Places options

  • Show point places at zoom 3+ instead of 5+ allows point places to be visible when zoomed out further. Note that at very wide resolutions (>2040 pixels), this feature does not work due to a limitation in the mapping software that WME uses.

Toolbox features to display in toolbar

  • Keyboard shortcuts editor
  • Select segments
  • Select places
  • Measurement tool (in beta testing)
  • Properties editor
  • Copy segment attributes
  • Clear road geometry
  • Cut segment
  • Select all roundabout segments
  • Redo roundabout
  • Convert roundabout to standard road
  • Draw roundabout area place
  • Select in area place
  • Suppress unneeded junctions
  • Suppress unneeded geometry
  • Delete expired restrictions
  • Auto add node to loops
  • Auto fix unconfirmed turns
  • Select non freeway/ramp segments with toll attribute
  • Auto fix reverse connections, dead-end and unterminated roads
  • Auto fix u-turns

External permalinks to display in toolbar

  • Waze live map opens the LiveMap to the same coordinates as WME.
  • Waze beta/prod editor opens the beta editor to the same coordinates when using the production version of WME (or vice versa).

Toolbox highlights options

  • Display elevation values with < or > ground highlight adds colored icons from -5 to 9 corresponding to a segment's elevation. Icons are not displayed for Ground. Green icons are used for positive elevations and red icons for negative elevations.

Mini-map options

  • Re-center WME when panning mini-map moves the WME map when you pan the LiveMap mini-map
  • Re-center mini-map when panning WME moves the LiveMap mini-map when you pan the map in WME