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Editors are encouraged to use the Place Harmonizer script "WMEPH" when editing places, this will help you follow state + national standards. Use caution with the automatic options and be aware of what it is changing.

Any editor may edit any place in their EA. If it is locked above their rank a PUR will be generated for a senior editor to review and approve.

Pennsylvania standards for places differ in some ways from the US standard:

Once you have correctly filled in as as much information as is available, Places should be locked to a minimum level of Rank 2. This prevents "trusted Wazers" who are not editors from automatically adding photos to places.
These areas below are more sensitive + important to Wazers and should be locked higher, reach out to a senior editor if needed for assistance in locking new places:
Lock at 3:
  • College / University
  • Courthouse
  • Government
  • Jail / Prison / Correctional Facility
  • Military
  • Parking Lot
Lock at 4:
  • Fire Department
  • Gas station
  • Hospital / Urgent Care
  • Park
  • Police Station
Lock at 5:
  • Airport
Fill out address information completely, this is not used for navigation, it is informational-only but is important for the Waze user.
For the City field, consider what the business uses on their website and what will make the most sense to the Waze user. You can use the city name from a nearby road, or use an other local city or CDP name that WME offers as an auto-complete.
R4+ editors, do NOT create a "new" city name, check with a State Manager if you feel none of the names is sufficient since creating a "new" City makes that available to other editors for roads too.
Naming Fire Departments
Fire Departments exist as agencies and can have identifiers such as stations or equipment. When naming a fire department, use the following format:
Name - Identifier (if applicable)
Examples: Reading Fire Department - Engine 3 & Ladder 1
Only append with an identifier if the department has multiple stations or noted equipment.