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Naming Standard

Names have been standardized for many public agencies which have multiple locations in NYC. This makes the map look more professional and uniform. The names have been designed to work well with instant search, regular search, and to be clear and concise in the map display. Please ensure all places defined below follow these guidelines.

  • Places which are part of a larger encompassing place (i.e. place points for lot in a university area, Separate ER entrances in a hospital area, etc.) should be named with their unique name followed by a hyphen and the name of the larger area they belong to. For example "Student Parking Lot C - StudyHard University"

Specific names per agency

All places for the following agencies in NYC should be names according to the same standard as follows:

  • NYPD precincts: "NYPD - " followed by the precinct number, then the full word "Precinct", (replace the number with the correct precinct number). If it doesn't have a number use the name.
    • "NYPD - 44th Precinct"
    • "NYPD - Brooklyn South Task Force"
  • FDNY fire stations: "FDNY - " followed by the first letter of the listed apparatus and number for that station. The order for listed apparatuses should be: Division, Battalion, Rescue, Hazmat, Squad, Ladder, Engine. You may add the full name of specialty units (e.g., "Rescue 2") as an alternate Place name.
    • "FDNY - B24, L123, E90"
    • "FDNY - S60"
  • FDNY * EMS stations: Start with "FDNY * EMS - " followed by the station number or other title. Use the Fire Station category.
    • "FDNY * EMS - Station 35"
    • "FDNY * EMS - Division 2"
  • Subways stations: Start with the line (IRT, IND, or BMT), followed by the station name, a hyphen, and list the trains which you can access from that station.
    • "IRT Utica Ave - 3,4"
    • "IRT Pelham Bay Park - 6"
    • "IRT / BMT Atlantic Ave - 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, R"
  • Public schools: If the school has an abbreviation in the name, use it. Abbreviate common names as follows;
    Public School = PS
    Elementary School = ES
    Middle School = MS
    Intermediate School = IS
    High School = HS
    Vocational High School = VHS
    Numbered schools should be named with the school type, number, hyphen, school name if applicable.
    • "PS-113 - George Montgomery ES"
    • "HS-72 - Abraham Lincoln HS"
  • USPS: Start the name with "Post Office" and the zip code, if there is a station specific name, put that after the zip code separated by a hyphen (-). Add alternate names for the "USPS", and the ZIP code. Include "CPU" or "VPO" if they are listed in the name by the USPS.
    • "Post Office 10001 - James A Farley"
    • "Post Office 10458 - CPU Fordham University"
    • "Post Office 10469"
    • "Post Office 11213 - St John's Pl"
  • US VA Hospitals and Centers: Should be named with their official name as the primary name. For VA hospitals "(US Veterans Only)" should be added to the end of the primary name, and as the first line of the description. In the primary name "VA" should be expanded as "Veterans Affairs", so as not to cause a TTS conflict with Virginia. Names can be shortened to remove extraneous words, for example replace "Campus of the" from the official name with a hyphen (-). Any colloquial names should be added as alt names, so they are returned in search results, and also at the beginning of the description, so they are visible on the place preview page in the client.
    • The official name "Brooklyn Campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System" should be modified to "Brooklyn Veterans Affairs - NY Harbor Healthcare System"
    • The official name "James J. Peters VA Medical Center" should be modified to "James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center", with alternate names "Bronx VA Hospital", and "Bronx Veterans Affairs Hospital". See this example in WME.

See New York/Places for the full "Place Name Harmonization" list approved for use in this region (this may possibly include places approved only for a specific state other than New York).

Locking Standard

Once you have correctly filled in as as much information as is available, Places should be locked to a minimum of Level 2.

These areas below are more sensitive + important to Wazers and should be locked higher. Reach out to a senior editor if needed for assistance in locking new places.

Lock at Level 3:

  • College / University
  • Courthouse
  • Government
  • Jail / Prison / Correctional Facility
  • Military
  • Parking Lot
  • Train Station

Lock at Level 4:

  • Fire Department
  • Gas station
  • Hospital / Urgent Care
  • Park
  • Police Station

Lock at Level 5:

  • Airport

Special consideration is given to places that are considered sensitive, complex or intricate that may raise their lock level. Consult with a AM, SM, CM, or Champ to determine if a place warrants a higher lock level than outlined above.