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These rows fill the major Event table, and are modified using the template {{Event/Item}}. If you are working on a Major Event in New York, please add add that event to this table. If the event is already listed, please add your username to the row, preceded by a pipe (|), and change the date to today's date in the updated= parameter.

This template accepts many parameters which must be separated from each other using pipe characters (|), but can be placed in any order and will automatically the correct parts of the table. To use a parameter you must keep the name of parameter (the part before the equals sign (=) identical to this list, and only modify what goes after the equals sign (=).

Accepted parameters:

  • name= The name of the event.
  • area= The county or are the event takes place in.
  • date= The estimated date(s) this event happens on.
  • road= The main road(s) affected by this event.
  • pl= A permalink to the affected road(s), or a link to documenting listing all the affected roads (usually a Waze event closure document).
  • source= A link to an official information source for this event, a government website, the hosting organizations webpage, etc.
  • status= Whether this event has been submitted to Waze yet for this season. It accepts the following options spelled only exactly as listed here in order to correctly change the color of the row, filled with anything else will display with a white background
    • not submitted produces a red background
    • submitted produces a light green background
    • in progress produces an orange background.
  • Up to six editors can be listed in the table for any event. These can be the editors who are working to get it submitted, maintain the segments, or just have special knowledge of the event/area. They are entered as unnamed parameters. Meaning they are to be entered between two pipe (|) characters of the adjacent parameters. Each editors name (without any spaces) should be separated with a pipe (|).
  • updated= the date this event was last updated in this table. This is used to keep the table current, and identify stale entries.

The updated parameter (|updated=YY/MM(/DD)|) should be updated any time you update a row. Put the date you are modifying the row after the equals sign (=).

The |date=|, and |updated=| parameters should use the format YY/MM/DD. The day of the month is optional. Using this format will make it easier to sort the list by updated date. This will help ensure the information on the list is current, and make it easy to find stale rows which may need to be adopted by other editors.

For example an Event row should look like this;

{{Event/Item|date=14/10|in progress|username|updated=14/08}}

If there are multiple editors it should look like this

{{Event/Item|date=14/10|in progress|username1|username2|updated=14/08}}

Whenever you edit this table, please be sure to include the name of the event you are editing in the summary field under the edit box. ————————————————————————————————————

The actual contents of this page will only be visible in the Major Events table, or when editing this page.