Mississippi/Special roads/Main

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Dirt Roads

Roads in Mississippi that are dirt or gravel should be classified as such in the editor. This is to maintain proper function of the "Avoid Dirt Roads" feature in the Waze app. This includes roads that are classified by the MDOT as Urban or Rural Collectors.

Roads across farm fields, tree farms, dirt roads across private property also should not be mapped.

Driveways / Private Roads

DO NOT map driveways to single residences UNLESS there is a potential for a routing issue, ie., a user may be routed onto an adjacent street or is a very long drive that may make it difficult for Waze to determine a start point navigating from that address. Driveways left over from the original base map import that do not meet that criteria should be deleted.

Private roads serving multiple residences should be mapped, but is not a high priority over other editing tasks. If they are there from the base map, they may be left in place.

There are some counties that name or number private drives off of county/state maintained roads. These should be left in place and set to private road type.