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Working Places in Michigan

Michigan has a standard when working with our Places. In order to ensure consistency and data integrity we enforce the following standard (considered "completing" a place):

  • The name should be in a correct format (i.e. Proper capitalization, spelling, grammar)
There is a national standard being developed by the US State Managers for naming common Places. No current ETA.
  • The address should be completely and correctly filled out.
  • Under the "More Info" tab:
    • The phone number needs to be in the format of: XXX-XXX-XXXX
    • The website needs to be in the format of: www.example.com
      • If it is a business that has multiple locations with corresponding websites, then use the site specific website. Employing the format of: www.example.com/sub-site
    • Check any applicable services
    • Attempt to get the hours and input them
  • Once these criteria are met, either lock the Place to rank 3 or contact an editor who can lock it for you from the Michigan Area Managers
  • Shopping Center has been defined in Michigan to mean a place with all of the following
    • A Website or an advertising campaign to market the center as a destination
    • Minimum of 10 separately operated stores
    • Parking for 100 vehicles minimum

Shopping Centers not meeting the above criteria may be mapped as a point place only

Fast food chains or businesses that can sometimes be nested inside other businesses should be labeled as such. For example, if a Starbucks is inside Target or a Subway is inside Walmart, you would list it as Starbucks (inside Target) or Subway (inside Walmart) as the primary business name. This will allow for Wazers searching for a Starbucks or Subway to immediately know they may be routing to a coffee shop or sandwich shop with no drive-thru or standalone business as they may want or expect.

Specific Michigan Place lists and Standards

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  • Rest Area/Welcome Center Standardization