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This page includes information and links to pages that are considered more advanced editing concepts. It also covers templates and parser functions that require a higher level of programming background to build pages from scratch.

Magic words

Magic words (MediaWiki):

  • Behavior switches: TOC, Section edit links, categories, Language convert, other
  • Variables: Date and time, technical metadata (site, page, rev, alterations), statistics, page names, namespace, other
  • Parser functions: page stats on other pages, URL data, namespace, formatting numbers and text, localization (plural, grammar, gender), #tag


Templates operation (MediaWiki)
Advanced templates (MediaWiki)
Array (MediaWiki)
Parser functions in templates (MediaWiki)
Parser tags / HTML in Wikitext
XML and HTML Character References (escapes)

noinclude, includeonly, onlyinclude (Wikipedia and MediaWiki)

Parser functions

Extension - Parser Functions: #expr, #if, #ifeq, #iferror, #ifexpr, #ifexist, #rel2abs, #switch, #time, #timel, #titleparts