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Information and resources regarding editing Waze maps in Indiana. Resources for other states and the entire country can be found on the mapping resources page.

Great Lakes Region

Indiana is a part of the Great Lakes region, which includes the states and/or territories of:

Illinois / Indiana / Michigan / Ohio / Wisconsin


Major Cities (over 100,000 Population)

Note: links are to GIS resources unless otherwise indicated


Note: links are GIS resources unless otherwise indicated









Road Categorization

See Road names/USA and Road types/USA*.

*Currently there is an ongoing discussion over whether Indiana cartographers honor the new national standard for marking county-maintained roads as primary streets. Once a decision is made this page will be updated if needed.

Road Closures/Construction

Please add all related resources to the following Waze Wiki page:

Places (fka Landmarks)

As of March 2014, national giudeline was created for Places that all editors should now follow.

Since changes are still in progress with these guidelines, editors should be conservative about adding Places until these guidelines are solidified.

For more information regarding this ongoing process, please see the forum link at the top of the Places page.

Speed / Red Light Cameras

The Indiana State Constitution does not allow speed / traffic / red light cameras in Indiana. The only cameras allowed by state law are for toll-booth areas only for enforcement of non-payment.


USA section of Waze Forum

US Great Lakes Region section of Waze Forum

Indiana section of Waze Forum

Spotlight Indiana

Spotlight Indiana is an initiative started by MeridianHills. The origin of Spotlight Indiana originated from Waze's globally sponsored "MapRaids" where Map Editors form groups of teams that will collaborate to solve problems in the software such as places needing updated, correcting turn issues, adding in new roads, deleting defunct ones, and correcting other issues. All within a given time period.

The main objective of the spotlight is to put small towns and rural areas of Indiana more in the Waze spotlight and have a group of editors working with each other to tackle issues/reports as they come across them, as well as taking proactive actions and adding new things into the local map that aren't listed like gas stations, schools, police stations, parks, etc. It's a proven Wazical factor of Waze, proportionally/ statistically there are more Wazers in urban areas, therefore increased likelihood for editors to be working more in urban areas verses rural areas. Yes our urban Wazers and issues associated with urban areas are important but they are equally important as our rural Wazers. When an uninformed Wazer in an urban area gets an error or bad routing in most cases the re-route or address pin is off by not very much. In rural areas these types of issues can lead an uninformed Wazer to be routed several miles away when the error is small and easy to fix.

All Editors / Area Managers with editing capabilities in said areas are more than welcome to join in on the effort when available. This effort is a localized version of MapRaid in a way and can help those who are wanting to join in on the nationally sponsored Mapraids get the knowledge and experience of what it takes to participate in one. The goal of Spotlight Indiana is to better improve navigation throughout rural Indiana. While also giving newer and or interested editors the chance to work with current Area Managers, State Managers, and Country Managers and gain experience and knowledge to one day lead newer editors and assist them as they themselves become Area Managers, State Managers, and Country Managers.

For more information on this initiative please check out

Indiana - Rural Raids Sign Up!
Wk 1: 02/03/2015 - Fowler / Tell City / Hope / Manson & Colfax / Butler
Username Area Raiding Comments Message
jdeyoung Fowler Comments... PM
roadtechie Tell City Comments... PM
xanderb Tell City Comments... PM
meridianhills Hope Comments... PM
meridianhills Manson / Colfax Comments... PM
gadgetmts Butler Comments... PM
Raid #2 March 2015 - Dale / LaGrange / Lynn / Orleans / Rural5'
Username Area Raiding Comments Message
roadtechie Dale Comments... PM
gadgetmts LaGrange Spotlight! PM
roadtechie Orleans Comments... PM
xanderb Orleans PM
meridianhills [1] All of Indiana towns in Spotlight Raid #2 PM
meridianhills Rural5 Comments... PM

To-Do List

Keep track of work that needs to be done and coordinate efforts with other AMs.

Area/Country Managers

If you are an Area Manager that covers the State of Indiana, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Indiana, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username). See comments via an "Edit" of this section to add yourself.

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM
Level 6 Country Managers
GizmoGuy411 Region 5 Great Lakes Regional Coordinator Working west into Indiana from Ohio border from Metro Toledo (which is very complete). PM
Level 6 Area Managers
jdeyoung AM Chicago, NW Indiana, SW Lower MI co-State Manager for all of Indiana PM
Level 5 Country Managers (Indiana Based)
umopapisdn AM for most of Southern Indiana, and a few other random locales PM
Indiana State Managers
MeridianHills Indiana State Manager-R4 Everywhere in Indiana PM
Level 5 Area Managers
Bruce1224 Eastern Indiana, Parts of Ohio and Florida North-south line from Michigan to Madison, IN, running through Huntington. PM
Level 4 Area Managers
roadtechie PM
Enfcer74 West Central, IN PM
editor area managed name PM
Level 3 Area Managers
ndgeek NE Indiana counties: St Joseph, Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben PM
ndavis828 Clinton, IN Level 2 editor name PM
editor area managed name PM
editor area managed name PM
editor area managed name PM
editor area managed name PM

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