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State of Utah Mapping Resource Page. This page is currently serving as the main Utah page as well.


To discuss current issues in Utah please go to the Utah Forum.


NOTE: Please label all state highways with the following format:SR-XX
This includes both Primary Names and Alternate street names.

See Road names/USA and Road types/USA. We have been using this as a general rule for the past 2 years and haven't really received any complaints.

This should be the first step in determining how a road should be type. The list below are minimums (e.g. a State Highway would be at a minimum a minor highway. It could also be a major highway or freeway depending on functional class)

  • Freeways - Interstates and all other roads with no at grade intersections.
  • Major - Multi-lane US Highways, Interstates that have at grade intersections.
  • Minor - US Highways, State Highways, US Business Highways
  • Primary - Other primary traffic routes that are not designated as US or State Highways.
  • Street - The majority of general purpose roads inside and outside communities.

For all road type determinations look first to the General editing guidelines, if still not sure ask in the forums.

There are always exceptions to every rule and they will be listed here as identified and discussed in the Utah Forum. (This needs to be added for roads that are defined by criteria one way, but, are typed by decision as another way). Consistency is key do not change a road type for routing sake or to make it appear on the map at a higher speed. Also, for consistency, do not switch road types every few segments because the name or traffic levels change, if either is consistent keep the road type consistent. This will be one of those exceptions to the rule which will be documented in the list of exceptions above.


Please follow general US guidelines for mapping in Landmarks, which as of WME version 1.6 released on 24 March 2014 are now called places and can be marked as areas as all landmarks were before or Points. This change will greatly relax what had been very tight and restrictive rules on what got marked with landmarks. Now with points we can mark just about everything with a point.

Please ensure that the name and address properties for Places are filled out with as much detail as possible, and ensure this information is filled out & correct to the best extent possible.

Major construction projects

See Road Closures in Utah for a list of currently edited Road Closures. Only map road closures that are in progress.

Other Long Term Construction can be found here.

See Utah Construction for a list of LONG TERM Road Construction Changes to Traffic Flow that impact the Waze Map.

Special roads

Non-drivable roads

Generally, if a road can't be driven on (i.e. Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk, Stairway, Railroad, Runway/Taxiway) then it should not be mapped in Waze. If it is mapped it must NEVER be connected to the actual road network. This is due to the way the routing engine works, as Waze WILL route users to drive on these "non-drivable" road types. Please note there are several Railroads mapped in Utah, these are due to users incorrectly running Waze while on the train & contributing false data to the system. This false data has been known to effect drivers on adjacent roads. These railroads are mapped in a VERY particular manner by Senior Area Managers and Country Managers to prevent Waze from routing on them. If a railroad is not mapped in, do not add it.

Speed / red light cameras

Speed Cameras and Red light Cameras are NOT CURRENTLY USED in the State of Utah. Or more specifically the restrictions on use are strict enough that no entity is using Speed Cameras. West Jordan has talked about implementing Speed Cameras near a couple schools but has not moved forward with the plan. The reason is that unlike most states that allow such devices, Utah's law requires that a certified Law Enforcement Officer must personally approve each ticket at the time of the infraction.

Red light Cameras are not legal under Utah law.

There are also cameras mounted on traffic signals that are used as part of the signal control. These compare sequential images of the intersection approach to determine if there is a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, etc) waiting and will trigger the sequence. These devices CAN NOT issue tickets.

There are traditional traffic monitoring cameras covering most of the major highways in the state. These send live video to UDOT & local media and serve ONLY as a traffic monitoring system.

Thus any reported Camera is to be deleted immediately. The only authorized camera is one someone reported in the middle of Willard Bay that was approved as a joke. No other Cameras are authorized in the state.

How to Identify Cameras.

To do list

Want to help out with the map in Utah? Check out the To Do List and the Landmarks To Do List. These two pages need to be built but it would be to our advantage to do so.

County Maps Resources - GIS Data

Coming soon, once links for each county are compiled.

Utah State GIS
Beaver Box Elder Cache Carbon *Dagget

If the county name has a * before it there are no online maps.

Area Managers

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM
Level 6 Country Managers (Utah Based)
daknife Statewide If there is a Problem, Yo I'll Solve it! PM
Area Managers
mwburn Statewide Logan Area but edits Statewide 5 Cones PM
mojavecactusmonkey Statewide Nevada based Country Manager PM
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If you are an Area Manager that covers the State of Utah, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Utah, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username).