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This page serves as the primary resource for editors of Utah. Review all the sections to better understand how the guidelines for this state might deviate from the overall USA or worldwide guidelines. If you have any comments or questions about this page or state refer to the community links below.

If you edit in Utah, please make sure you request an invite to the Utah Waze Editors Google Hangout.


Utah is a part of the Southwest region, which includes the states and/or territories of:

Arizona / California / Colorado / Hawaii / Nevada / New Mexico / Utah.

Thank you for your interest in editing the Waze maps for the State of Utah. Please note Utah follows the US national guidance with a few exceptions. Be sure to click on and read every link from this page for in-depth tips, guidance and advice.

All editors should have a real username, not a usa_username and are required to have their private messaging turned on.

Refer to the Glossary for common Waze related terms.

Mapping resources


Before editing the maps in Utah, be sure to fully review and understand the editing manual.

The Waze user community follows the Waze etiquette guidelines discussed in the Wiki. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these guiding principals while editing the maps and this Wiki, as well as when communicating with other Waze users.

Functional Classification

Utah counties map.png

Utah follows the Functional Classification (FC) system for both state and non-state roads. This change from the previous road-typing guidance was changed in September 2014. As of January, 2016, all counties in Utah have been updated to the new standard.


County GIS Data

This is a collection of County maps, along with state maps focused on counties that do not maintain separate mapsets.

Alternate Source for GIS information: Check the State Parcel map and zoom into the county/town in question.

City GIS resources

Misc mapping resources

WME Scripts

Useful scripts to help you start your WME career. Please read the General installation instructions before installing scripts.


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The Waze forum is a great place to find answers to previously asked questions and also a place to ask new ones. Below are links to the forums specific to Utah.

Area Managers for Utah can be found in the table below.

New editors should consider checking into the formal mentoring program available at no charge.

Cities and towns


One of the most common errors when editing the maps is when an editor creates a road and does not confirm the road by setting the city and road name (or stating it has none).

Duplicate cities can be caused by incorrectly named segments and should be corrected following the guidelines in the duplicate cities article.

Some states and territories manage a separate page on cities and towns to identify the specific city names that should be entered, and no others. For states that do not have a separate page to track the names, see this Wikipedia link and find the state or territory in question.

Major roads

4lane road icon.png

Utah follows the general road naming and road type guidelines of the USA.

State Highway Naming

The approved format for State Highway naming in Utah is: SR-##

Locking Standard

In Utah we have a set minimum standard for locking roads based on segment type. Any road of a certain segment type must be locked at least to the rank (level) in the chart below. Roads may be locked higher for protection and special situations (areas with construction, tricky design, frequent mistakes, imaging inaccuracies, and the like), but should not be locked lower.

Utah locking standard
Segment Type Statewide
 Freeway  4
 Ramp  Highest rank of connected segments
 Major Highway  3
 Minor Highway  2
 Primary Street  2
 Street  1
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5

Functional Classification

Functional Classification Implementation is complete in Utah.

Please refer to this forum topic for more information on FC - Road Types (USA) – comprehensive overhaul of drivable roads

The Utah Functional Classification system is on par with the Nationwide standard, and consists of 7 Road Types.

UT to Waze FC conversion

Utah's Dept of Transportation has made Functional Classification maps available online, in PDF format, for each county. They also provide an interactive statewide map.

Resource Links
UDOT GIS class and color description
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The Utah Classification and Color scheme come from the official Utah D.O.T (UDOT) Functional Classification (FC) map that is published by UDOT. The legend shows what classifications UDOT uses and what color is assigned to each class.

UDOT to Waze conversion table

Highway Systems
Interstate Interstate Business Loop/Spur US Hwy (incl. some special routes) State Hwy (incl. some special routes) State Hwy BUS, SPUR, LOOP[1] Locally-maintained
example>>>>> I-15 N I-15 BUS US-89 SR-28 SR-24 Spur Fremont St

  Interstate (1)    Fw  n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
  Other Freeway/Expy (2)  n/a  Fw   Fw   Fw   Fw   Fw 
  Other Principal Arterial (3)  n/a  Major   Major   Major   Major   Major 
  Minor Arterial (4)  n/a  Major   Major   Minor   Minor   Minor 
  Major Collector (5)  n/a  Major   Major   Minor   PS   PS 
  Minor Collector (6)  n/a  Major   Major   Minor   PS   PS 
 Local (7)  n/a  Major   Major   Minor   PS   Street 

  1. When a state highway "SPUR" route is used to connect a state highway with another state highway, a US highway, or an Interstate (i.e., when it is used as a connector/CONN route), use the first state highway column.

If you encounter a specific type of road (Interstate/US Hwy Business route, etc) that is not shown, reference the main FC Quick Reference chart

Functional Classification Exceptions

These roads have changed from the recommended Functional Classification for the reason noted.

Road Name County Link Reason Approved
SR-59 Washington Link Corrects routing from US-89 to I-15 RC

Speed Limits

Utah follows the Waze USA speed limits guidance. Please read that page carefully before editing any Speed Limits (SLs).

Utah does not alter speed limits for work zones, or other temporary reductions in speed limit.

Speed Limit standards

The following are the speed limits laws of Utah, except where posted signs indicate differently (higher or lower speed limits).

  • Urban district: 25 mph.
  • All other locations: 55 mph.

Speed Limit Resources

Useful Scripts For Editing Speed Limits

Special roads

Drivable roads

Utah follows the standard USA guidelines for all of the following special road types.

Non-drivable roads

Review the Wiki guidelines for non-drivable roads to ensure compliance with the general guidelines.


Railroads/light rail are mapped according to special guidelines in the USA. As of 2016-06-28, Railroad segments should not be named except for special, approved cases. No such cases are currently approved in Utah.

Walking Trails

Do not map hiking or biking paths/trails. It is common for newer editors to see "missing" paths/trails on the map, and see a readily available Walking Trail segment type to choose from, but mapping trails in Utah is an error. The Walking Trail type is routable by Waze and will cause unintended results for nearby destinations. There are rare cases where a Walking Trail segment can be added to the map to improve routing, but all uses must be approved by a Walking Trail expert.

Pedestrian Boardwalks

Use of this type in Utah is currently limited to one special case: Outdoor plazas where what would otherwise be a thru-road has been converted to permanent and exclusive use by pedestrians. Map the pedestrian boardwalk as you would a basic road, but do not connect the segments to actual drivable roads (leave a 10m / 33ft gap). This use case has the sole purpose of making it obvious to all editors that there is no drivable road missing from the map, so it is not necessary if the plaza is obviously not a road (ex: Main St Plaza @ Temple Square). These segments should be locked at rank 3.


Do not use this type.

Dirt Roads 4x4

Utah follows the following functional classification for Gravel and Dirt Road /4x4 trails. (expandable section)

 Gravel Roads 
Functional Classification
Minor Arterial  Minor Highway 
Minor Collector  Primary Street 
Local/Not Mapped  Street 

 Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 
Functional Classification
Minor Arterial  Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 
Minor Collector  Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 
Local/Not Mapped  Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 

Images demonstrated above cannot cover all scenarios for mapping maintenance level to Waze road type. These roads may undergo variation in quality over seasons depending on the climate (rain/snow). Particularly, some gravel roads may have qualities that are closer to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail than Street. Editors with local experience and Street View images may help in this determination.

Driveways / Private Roads

Please follow the following guidelines for Private Driveways. Wiki standard can be found here. Driveways

Mapping rural diveways

  • If an address/location cannot be reasonably guided to without a private drive, it can be added.
  • A single house at the end of a 1 mile (1609m) long private drive = it probably isn't needed.
  • If it's 5 houses at the end of a single shared 1/4 mile (402m) long private drive, it probably is needed.
  • If it's a house at the end of a 500m (1640 ft) long private drive, which is right up against another street from which you cannot access the address (stop point will be on the segment closest), then a private drive is probably needed.


When managing a section of roadway under construction or being closed for a major event, follow the Wiki guidelines on construction zones and Real time closures.

Road Closures

You can follow UDOT Traffic on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest traffic conditions and road closures.

This section contains details about road closures, mainly state highways, but can contain City, Urban and Rural streets in the state of Utah. If you perform a road closure at any time please use the Waze Closures form and report all closures here.

UDOT maintains a Traffic Information center with all known closure/incident information included.


Utah follows the USA standard for Places. Do not deviate from the guidelines without first obtaining consensus to do so via the state forum linked on this page.

Minimum Acceptable Information

All Places added to the map must contain the following entries:

  • Proper Category
  • Place Name
  • Address (including address numbers)
  • Placed in the correct location on the map

This is the minimum acceptable amount of information for inclusion on the map.

Locking Standard

Utah Place Lock Level Standards
Military Installation / Airport 4
Hospitals / Urgent Care / Police & Fire Dept 4
National & State Parks and Monuments 4
Gas Stations / Charging Stations 3
Schools / Universities / Colleges 3
Government Buildings / Consulates 3

All Places that have complete information (to include, at a minimum, address/city, hours of operation, phone number) are to be locked at Level 2. This is to prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of Place Update submissions from Trusted Users, or Place Update Request approvals from other editors without careful examination.
If you do not have a high enough enough rank to lock the place as indicated, please lock it as high as you can, and notify a higher rank AM, SM, CM, or Champ to lock it higher.

Area Editing

Area Mapping
When creating an Area, map it to the "fence line" of the area.

For instance, if you are mapping a shopping center, this means that you map the area to cover the shopping center buildings, and the parking lots out to the outer ring road (if applicable). If there is no ring road, or for smaller shopping centers, map to the curb line.

If you are mapping a school, you would map out to the fence line (if visible) or to a reasonable distance from the school. Contact a AM, SM, CM, or Champ for assistance.

Hospitals / Urgent Care
Hospitals with Parking, ER, and Ambulance Entrance mapped.
A special Category of Hospital / Medical Center is used for Hospitals, Medical Centers and Urgent Care facilities. ONLY Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and places offering Urgent Medical Care should use this category. Clinics, and Medical offices which do not offer urgent medical care for Walk-Ins should use the Office, and any other appropriate category, instead.

When you map a hospital, or medical center, you need to map the following additional areas/points, as appropriate for your facility.

  • The Hospital itself (map it to the fenceline, or to an extent that you feel is appropriate)
    • Make sure you set the Navigation Stop point over the main entrance.
  • The Emergency Room Entrance (Set a Point Place)
  • Emergency Room Ambulance Entrance (if this is separate from the public entrance)
  • Hospital Parking (This may also include a separate Emergency Dept parking lot, if necessary)
What do I name It?

When you map a hospital/medical center, you need to name it with the official name ("Primary Children's Hospital" for example). However, you can add alternate names as well. The official website for the facility will have the actual name.

When you name the Emergency Room entrance, as well as any other points on the complex, please use the following formula of "specific name - hospital name":

  • Hospital Name (on main Area Place)
  • ER - Hospital Name
  • ER Ambulance Entrance - Hospital Name
  • Labor & Delivery - Hospital Name
  • Outpatient Entrance - Hospital Name

...and so on.

Layered Areas

Places which are part of a larger encompassing place (i.e. place points for lot in a university area, Separate ER entrances in a hospital area, stores in a shopping mall, etc.) should be named with their unique name followed by a hyphen and the name of the larger area they belong to. For example, "ER - Generic Medical Center"

Parking Lots

The Parking Lot Place marks a well-defined area constructed for off-street public parking, including parking structures and garages as well as at-grade lots. There are many elements that must be considered before deciding to map a parking lot. Currently, the details are covered in Places/Parking lot.

Unless you have permission from the State Manager, please only map the following types of parking lots:

  • Public parking lots (Indicate that they are public lots in the description)
  • Named lots around an arena/theater/venue (advise SM when you do these)
  • Park and Ride lots/structures

Mass Transit parking structures should be mapped as Parking Lots, with the additional categories of "Train Station" and "Transportation" added. Additional, the Area should cover the actual station and platform, not just the parking lot/garage.


Not every camera-looking device at an intersection is a speed or red light camera. Generally speaking:

  • Camera2true.png
    Rlc truvelo speed cam.jpeg
    a speed camera takes a photograph of a vehicle when it passes by the camera at too high a speed.
  • Camera4true.png
    Rlc white.jpeg
    a red light camera takes a photograph of a vehicle that enters an intersection after the light is red. In some areas, it takes the photograph when a vehicle is not clear of the intersection some period after the light turns red.

Be sure to know your cameras before accepting new camera reports.

When adding a camera, be sure to review the camera placement recommendations.

Laws regarding speed and red light cameras vary between the states and territories, so be sure to understand the details of camera legality in Utah.

Based on information researched at the time this page was created, red light and speed cameras are illegal statewide in Utah.

No other camera types should be mapped in Waze.

Speed Cameras and Red light Cameras are NOT CURRENTLY USED in the State of Utah. Or more specifically the restrictions on use are strict enough that no entity is using Speed Cameras. The reason is that unlike most states that allow such devices, Utah's law requires that a certified Law Enforcement Officer must personally approve each ticket at the time of the infraction.

To do list

To do list.png

Many states and territories keep an active list of pending or closed actions that need to be done in the state by the editors. All editors are welcome to contribute to the list of activities.

This state does not currently have an active "to do" list at this time. Check in the Utah section of the Waze forums to discuss creating one.


Working with URs

Utah has adopted a 36hr/4/7 day standard when dealing with User Requests.

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Our goal is to respond to new URs within 36 hours. Fix the issue and solve the UR (if within our control, and identifiable), or solicit additional needed information from the reporter.
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If there is no response from the reporter within 4 days, "bump" the request with a reminder message.
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If there is a response from the reporter, and a conversation starts about the error and how to resolve it, the 7 day clock starts over.
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Resolve URs that have no response to comment in 7 days, or are completed. NEVER close a UR without leaving a closing comment, even if it's something as simple as "No info received, closing."

When responding to URs, please remember the wise words of the scholar, brevity is the soul of wit.

More than likely, the user is going to be reading your response in the Waze App, so try and keep it as short as possible, while still conveying the information, or request desired.

Before working with URs, you should review the Wiki documentation on URs and especially the section on etiquette.

Don't be this guy.

Live Users

If you're editing in Utah, we ask that you turn on the LIVE USERS layer in the editor. If you see another editor show up where you are editing, and move around you, please check WME Chat. Also, check and see if you have a Private Message (PM) in the Forum.

There may be an issue with the area you're editing in, or what you are doing.

Never Be Unreachable!

Area Managers

The table below identifies the editors also designated as Area Managers or higher who are editing in Utah. If you have any questions, please consider contacting them directly as needed. If you are an Area Manager that covers Utah, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Utah, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username) in the correct rank section.

The editor who also serves as the Regional Coordinator for Utah is automatically listed at the top of the table. That editor may not be highly active in this state and therefore may not be listed separately in the table.

Utah — Area, State and Country Managers
Regional Coordinator(s): jemay (PM) and tonestertm (PM)
  GHO Name
Area Managed Comments
Country Managers (Southwest region)
(Add to or edit Country and State sections of table)
Dmcrandall(5) [PM] Profile L5.png
Avatar Dmcrandall.jpg
Country Wide Badge Mentor.pngBadge CountryManager.pngBadge MapRaider.png
US Country Manager
State Managers (Southwest region)
herrchin(4) [PM] Profile L4.png
  Blaine Kahle
Statewide Badge StateManager.pngBadge AreaManager.png
Resident of Nebraska
SkyviewGuru(4) [PM] Profile L4.png Statewide Badge StateManager.pngBadge AreaManager.png
Interim State Manager
Resident of Idaho
Area Managers
(Add to or edit this section)
Thewebdiggity(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Salt Lake Metro Area Roy to Point of the Mtn
tolpster(3) [PM] Profile L3.png St. George

The following editors are also editing in the state and may be working towards an Area Manager position. Feel free to contact them for assistance in their respective areas.

Other Area Editors (Add to or edit this section)
Username General Editing Area Comments
Chasing_Blue_Sky(4) [PM] Profile L4.png SLC Metro Area
jellicle0(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah Counties
RichardPyne(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Utah, Juab, Millard Counties
Marnoot(2) [PM] Profile L2.png SLC Metro Area
CharlieUT(1) [PM] Profile L1.png Salt Lake and Utah Counties
Gutlessbubble96(1) [PM] Profile L1.png Tooele Valley area
SmartInstallation(1) [PM] Profile L1.png Greater SLC Metro Area

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