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Template ForumLink -- allows a wiki entry to link to a forum topic or to a full forum. Can link by specific forum/topic IDs, and can handle the different language boards. Default is to open the Wiki Updates and Discussion forum

Syntax (simplified):

{{ForumLink}} - links to the Wiki updates forum page, with default text for the link.

{{ForumLink | Name of topic}} - Searches the Wiki Updates forum for a topic with the specified name

{{ForumLink | Name of topic | topicID}} - Links directly to a topic page within the Wiki Updates forum, without having to do a search. Topic ID must exactly match the number after "&t=" in the URL. Note that the link text will be the name you specify, even if it does not correctly match the topic name

You can also specify just the topic ID, in which case default text ("this forum topic") will be used. It will link directly to that topic in the Wiki Updates forum.

Named parameters (advanced):

forumid=nnn - by default, the Wiki Updates forum (f=276) is used for searching or linking directly to topics. You can override 276 by specifying a different forum id (the number after "f=" in the URL)

lang=aa - by default, even when overriding forumid, the forum must still be in the default (English) bulletin board. You can select a different language board ( for Hebrew, instead of the usual, by specificying the two-letter language ID

forum=Name - this parameter is either a search term if no topicid is specified, or link text if it is specified. Same as first parameter in the simple syntax.

topicid=nnn - this is the same as the second parameter in the simplified syntax (note that it can actually be the first parameter, if there is no second parameter, as the template detects a number and treats it as a topic ID instead of a search term).


If you specify a language, you must specify a forum ID, or it will still use the default forum ID of 276, which may not exist in that language, or, if it does, is probably not the intended forum.

If your search term contains [brackets], then the formatting of the link will be awkward, but it will still function correctly for most browsers.

WHile you can link to the Wiki Updates forum (main page topic list), or to a specific topic on any forum on the system, it will be problematic to link to other forums without specifying a topic. That's because if you enter a topic name or topic ID, it will link to or search for a topic, and not show the main forum page. If you leave them both out, though, then the default text for the Wiki Updates forum is used, so the link takes you to the correct place, but the text of the link is wrong and does not match the link. This will be corrected in a future release of this template, so that if you specify a language or a forumid, it will use generic text instead of saying "Wiki Updates forum." An even better solution would allow specifying a parameter for the link separately from the search term and/or allowing some key that specifies to use a more generic text for the link.