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Community Roles/Contributions

  • Editing since July 2014
  • State Manager: Delaware (as of June 2015)
  • Area Manager, Luray Virginia (home, Shenandoah Valley, far west side of I-66)
  • Area Manager, New York City, concentrating on Bronx
  • New York City Map Raid Team 2014 (Bronx)
  • Other map raids: Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, MMR 1, MMR 2, Boston
  • Attended Waze Meetup, NYC Dec 21, 2014

Community Lessons


  • Bronx polygon for loading into UR-MP tracker. Rename to .wkt before loading. Media:Bronx.txt

My Canned UR Responses

UR responses based off of canned responses from PesachZ that I've tailored to my own style

Road Closures

Waze volunteer responding to your closure report. Thank you for taking the time to report this closure. Did you know there is a feature in Waze that allows you to report closures in the app? This will add to the crowd-sourced data in Waze and help Waze route other Wazers around the closure as well. Please use Report>Road Closure from the app instead of Report>Map Issue. Use the same report button but be aware that you will have to scroll up the view of the tiles to see the closure tile. Just remember to be safe when reporting. If you can't do it safely, it's better to let another Wazer report it.

Bad GPS positioning

Unfortunately this is an issue contributed to by several factors including but not limited to poor GPS chip quality in our consumer electronics (phones), poor GPS accuracy due to interference and large buildings and structures, the way Waze 'snaps you onto the nearest road and resists changing that unless you deviate significantly away from it (further than from the service Rd to the main Rd), Waze assuming you are following the directions and your GPS is slightly off.

To correct it you can try a few things. 1. Tap the 'Navigate' menu > Routes and choose the best route. When it recalculated it may place you back on the right Rd. 2. Stop navigation (Navigate> stop) and then restart it to the same destination. When you are not in navigation mode Waze snaps back to your actual rd easier. 3. Exit the app (Navigate> power button), and then just open it back up. When it opens it should see you on the correct Rd and then a popup should appear along if you want to continue your last drive. Tap yes and it will resume navigation to your destination from the right Rd. 4) If the GPS location on the device itself is the problem (if it happens in other apps as well) try turning your GPS antennas off and on again. Make sure as well that your device has a clear view of the sky.

General Error - Long Time (credit FzNk)

Hello, I am a fellow Wazer and volunteer Map Editor. We are trying to catch up on some old map error reports. We understand that it has been a very long time; but if you remember, can you please provide more details about the error you were reporting?

Please reply through the Inbox in your Waze app. Replying to the email will NOT work.

My scratch pad

User:Poncewattle/Delaware Backup

User:Poncewattle/State Template Test

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