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New editor contact form

  1. Based off of Supermedic's Form


First off, welcome to Waze Map Editor (WME)! I see you have been doing some editing in the


area. WME is a wonderful community with a lot of support from senior editors, especially in the Hampton Roads area. Next time you are in WME editing a map please pop into chat (lower right hand corner of the map) and say Hi and introduce yourself. Also please go to the following link and familiarize yourself with how WME and community works and how to get started editing.


I also am including a link to the specific policies for Virginia. [url=]Virginia Wiki[/url]

I left these parking lot roads (PLRs) for you to fix. I understand you did not create them however your name is the last on on them for editing so i thought I would reach out to you and help you with how to properly fix the roads. :)



]Parking lot roads Place link (PL)[/url] [url=]PLR Wiki[/url]

Your Area Managers (AM)


StephenR1966. type @stephenr1966 or @aspyhackr into chat and introduce yourself next time your around.

We also have a [url=]Google+ group[/url] that you can join and a Google Hang Out chat room (GHO) you can be added to where most of the active Virginia editor hang out. If you would like to be mentored, We would be more than happy to do so!

Again welcome to Waze!