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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Markup.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template is used to present markup or code side by side with the rendered output.


  • unnamed 1: Content of row 1, column 1
  • unnamed 2: Content of row 1, column 2
  • unnamed 39: Content of row 20, column 1
  • unnamed 40: Content of row 20, column 2
  • t1: Title of column one; defaults to Markup
  • t2: Title of column two; defaults to Renders as
  • title: Title of table; defaults to none
  • notitle: When set, suppresses table and column titles
  • margin: set table left margin in em


If you don't wrap the content of the markup cell in <nowiki>, then any template markup will not be escaped, it will be expanded.

This example shows the markup for {{tl|tag}}:

Renders as Expected renderingTemplate:Markup/row

HTML entities are parsed in the markup cell

Mowikied markup shows as Expected markupTemplate:Markup/row

To work around this, replace the & with &amp; thus &amp;nbsp; will show as &nbsp;


Simple examples:

Markup Renders asTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/row

Multiple rows:

Markup Renders asTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/row

With title:

Foxes and dogs
Markup Renders asTemplate:Markup/row

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