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This template is used to present markup or code side by side with the rendered output.


  • unnamed 1: Content of row 1, column 1
  • unnamed 2: Content of row 1, column 2
  • unnamed 39: Content of row 20, column 1
  • unnamed 40: Content of row 20, column 2
  • t1: Title of column one; defaults to Markup
  • t2: Title of column two; defaults to Renders as
  • title: Title of table; defaults to none
  • notitle: When set, suppresses table and column titles
  • margin: set table left margin in em


If you don't wrap the content of the markup cell in <nowiki>, then any template markup will not be escaped, it will be expanded.

This example shows the markup for {{tl|tag}}:

Renders as Expected renderingTemplate:Markup/row

HTML entities are parsed in the markup cell

Mowikied markup shows as Expected markupTemplate:Markup/row

To work around this, replace the & with &amp; thus &amp;nbsp; will show as &nbsp;


Simple examples:

Markup Renders asTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/row

Multiple rows:

Markup Renders asTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/rowTemplate:Markup/row

With title:

Foxes and dogs
Markup Renders asTemplate:Markup/row

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