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Creating a roundabout from an intersection: Fixed road with plus sign wording
[[File:Create Road Drop Down Menu.png|left]] ''Hover'' the cursor over the road with plus sign icon the right side of the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#The_Tool_Bar|toolbar]] and ''click'' '''Roundabout'''. You can also use the [[keyboard shortcut]] which is the letter '''o''', selected because the shape of the letter is round, like a roundabout.
[[File:roundabout_06.png|320px|right]] Move the cursor to the center of the actual roundabout. The cursor will be a crosshair + to indicate it is in roundabout creation mode. Click once at the center and then move the mouse any direction towards the perimeter of the roundabout. An orangish circle will grow and shrink as you move the mouse, and the numbers in the center of the circle display the diameter the roundabout will be.