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This page serves as the primary resource for editors of Oregon. Review all the sections to better understand how the guidelines for this state might deviate from the overall USA or worldwide guidelines. If you have any comments or questions about this page or state refer to the community links below.

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Oregon is a part of the Northwest region, which includes the states and/or territories of:

Alaska / Idaho / Montana / Oregon / Washington / Wyoming.

Mapping resources


Before editing the maps in Oregon, be sure to fully review and understand the editing manual.

The Waze user community follows the Waze etiquette guidelines discussed in the Wiki. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these guiding principals while editing the maps and this Wiki, as well as when communicating with other Waze users.

Functional Classification

Oregon follows the Functional Classification (FC) system for both state and non-state roads. This change from the previous road-typing guidance was changed in September 2014.

To properly type a Freeway, Major Highway, Minor Highway, or Primary Street, refer to the Oregon TransGIS site and cross reference that against the Waze Functional Classification table.



  • Baker
  • Benton
  • Clackamas
  • Clatsop
  • Columbia
  • Coos
  • Curry
  • Douglas
  • Gilliam
  • Grant
  • Harney
  • Hood River
  • Jefferson
  • Josephine
  • Klamath
  • Lake
  • Morrow
  • Multnomah
  • Polk
  • Wasco


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The Waze forum is a great place to find answers to previously asked questions and also a place to ask new ones. Below are links to the forums specific to Oregon.

Area Managers for Oregon can be found in the table below.

New editors should consider checking into the formal mentoring program available at no charge.

Cities and towns


One of the most common errors when editing the maps is when an editor creates a road and does not confirm the road by setting the city and road name (or stating it has none).

Duplicate cities can be caused by incorrectly named segments and should be corrected following the guidelines in the duplicate cities article.

City info

Cities with population > 5000.

  • Portland (Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington County)
  • Eugene, Lane County
  • Salem (Marion, Polk)
  • Gresham, Multnomah County
  • Beaverton, Washington County
  • Hillsboro, Washington County
  • Medford, Jackson County
  • Springfield, Lane County
  • Bend, Deschutes County
  • Corvallis, Benton County
  • Aloha CDP, Washington County
  • Tigard, Washington County
  • Albany (Benton, Linn)
  • Lake Oswego (Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington)
  • Keizer, Marion County
  • McMinnville, Yamhill County
  • Oregon City, Clackamas County
  • Grants Pass, Josephine County
  • Tualatin (Clackamas, Washington)
  • West Linn, Clackamas County
  • Milwaukie (Clackamas, Multnomah)
  • Woodburn, Marion County
  • Roseburg, Douglas County
  • Altamont CDP, Klamath County
  • Ashland, Jackson County
  • Klamath Falls, Klamath County
  • Hayesville CDP, Marion County
  • Newberg, Yamhill County
  • Forest Grove, Washington County
  • Pendleton, Umatilla County
  • Oatfield CDP, Clackamas County
  • Coos Bay, Coos County
  • Wilsonville (Clackamas, Washington )
  • Four Corners CDP, Marion County
  • Troutdale, Multnomah County
  • Redmond, Deschutes County
  • Hermiston, Umatilla County
  • Lebanon, Linn County
  • Oak Grove CDP, Clackamas County
  • Canby, Clackamas County
  • Cedar Mill CDP, Washington County
  • Central Point, Jackson County
  • Dallas, Polk County
  • La Grande, Union County
  • The Dalles, Wasco County
  • Sherwood, Washington County
  • Gladstone, Clackamas County
  • Ontario, Malheur County
  • St. Helens, Columbia County
  • Baker, Baker County
  • Astoria, Clatsop County
  • Cornelius, Washington County
  • North Bend, Coos County
  • Newport, Lincoln County
  • Rockcreek CDP, Washington County
  • Oak Hills CDP, Washington County
  • Cedar Hills CDP, Washington County
  • Cottage Grove, Lane County
  • Sweet Home, Linn County
  • Monmouth, Polk County
  • Fairview, Multnomah County
  • Lincoln City, Lincoln County
  • Silverton, Marion County
  • Prineville, Crook County
  • Florence, Lane County
  • West Haven-Sylvan CDP, Washington County
  • Jennings Lodge CDP, Clackamas County
  • Garden Home-Whitford CDP, Washington County
  • Stayton, Marion County
  • Sunnyside CDP, Clackamas County
  • Sutherlin, Douglas County
  • Milton-Freewater, Umatilla County
  • West Slope CDP, Washington County
  • Green CDP, Douglas County
  • Independence, Polk County
  • Seaside, Clatsop County
  • Raleigh Hills CDP, Washington County
  • Redwood CDP, Josephine County
  • Hood River, Hood River County
  • La Pine CDP, Deschutes County
  • Molalla, Clackamas County
  • Talent, Jackson County
  • Roseburg North CDP, Douglas County
  • White CDP, Jackson County
  • Brookings, Curry County
  • Sandy, Clackamas County
  • Clackamas CDP, Clackamas County
  • Madras, Jefferson County

Major roads

4lane road icon.png

Oregon follows the general road naming and road type guidelines of the USA.

The purpose of the Oregon Major Roads page is to inform map editors on what is being worked on or is completed in the State of Oregon, as well as what is planned according to ODOT or other cities as we find out about them.

Locking standard

In Oregon we have a set minimum standard for locking roads based on segment type. Any road of a certain segment type must be locked at least to the rank (level) in the chart below. Roads may be locked higher for protection and special situations (areas with construction, tricky design, frequent mistakes, imaging inaccuracies, and the like), but should not be locked lower.

A great time to implement these locks is while bringing the road types of an area into compliance with the current US road type standards (FC and highway systems). Lock the roads based on type after they've been set to current US road type standards.

Oregon Minimum Locking Rank Standard
Segment Type Statewide
 Freeway  4
 Ramp  4
 Major Highway  3
 Minor Highway  2
 Primary Street  2
 Street  1
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5

Special roads

Drivable roads

Oregon follows the standard USA guidelines for all of the following special road types.

Non-drivable roads

Review the Wiki guidelines for non-drivable roads to ensure compliance with the general guidelines.

Guidelines that vary by state or territory

The following special roads are managed slightly uniquely in some states and territories. This state uses the following standard guidelines found in the Wiki.


When managing a section of roadway under construction or being closed for a major event, follow the Wiki guidelines on construction zones and Real time closures.

Road Closures

This section contains details about road closures currently in place in Waze, usually through disconnecting of segments to prevent Waze from routing along a certain stretch of road. If you perform a closure in Waze, please document it here so other area managers can ensure the roads are reconnected at the appropriate time.

Road Name Editor Closed Date Est Open Date Links and comments
Old McKenzie Pass Hwy OR242 AlanOfTheBerg 2015-11 2016-07

Both gates closed for the winter. Heavy snowfall will likely keep the highway closed well into the summer.


Area Places for the closure gates should be large in the winter for better app visibility. Shrink the area in the summer.

West-end Gate @ MP61.91

East-end Gate @ MP83.71

Future New or Realigned Roads

Large road construction projects often have website project pages and give notice to the public prior to starting. If we stage these roads in Waze and have them ready to deploy when they open to the public, Waze will be a leader in update map providers.

Road Or Project Name Est Compl Date Links and comments
I-5 @ Exit 24 Fern Valley Interchange (Phoenix) April 2014 - 2016 The Fern Valley interchange has been constructed using a 'crossing' or 'diverging diamond' design that provides a higher capacity to move traffic while requiring lower right-of-way needs. At this time, we do not believe the bridge will require any special mapping for the reversed traffic flow.

AlanOfTheBerg has upgraded several area roadways to Major Highway or Minor Highway or Primary Street in order to encourage Waze navigation to more easily accept these alternate routes.

The diverging diamond bridge is complete and ramps on the north side of the bridge are open. The old bridge has been demolished and the south side ramps will be extended to the new bridge.

Traffic Cameras in the area

August 2013 City Council meeting with some detailed final and interim road maps.

ODOT Fern Valley Interchange Project Page


US-20 Pioneer Mountain to Eddyville Phase 4: 2016

Phase 5: 2017

ODOT is bypassing a winding section of existing US-20. This project has been on-going since 2007. There have been several delays, including landslides and bridge supports being bent, or going out-of-plumb after installation.

Phase 3 started in 2014, estimated to go through 2016. New fill is being added with sensors to detect movement before continuing on with the roadway.

The project is on schedule to open to traffic Fall 2016.

ODOT Project Page


US-26 Safety and Preservation Project 2014 - 2016 Safety improvements to a section of US-26 west of Government Camp. Map Curve will be realigned to create a softer turn.

ODOT Project Page WME Link

Newberg-Dundee Bypass 2013-2016 Phase 1 groundbreaking took place August 29, 2012 at the location of the new junction near OR219 and Wynooski Rd. Construction is planned to begin in 2013. Full plan is to build a bypass for OR99W south of Newberg and Dundee between the OR18/OR99W interchange to a new interchange on 219 then to S Sprinbrook RD. then to 99w.

ODOT Newberg-Dundee Bypass Project Page

To see the map of the new HWY section see Map of new HWY WazeMap

OR 140 Ritter Road to Deer Run Road 2014 - 2016 A 9.2-mile section of OR 140 will be straightened, widened, and repaved.

Realignment has been completed north of Dinner Plate Quarry. Segments have been adjusted using project maps and the GPS points layer. ODOT Project Page

WME Link


Oregon follows the USA standard for Places. Do not deviate from the guidelines without first obtaining consensus to do so via the state forum linked on this page.


Not every camera-looking device at an intersection is a speed or red light camera. Generally speaking:

  • Camera2true.png
    Rlc truvelo speed cam.jpeg
    a speed camera takes a photograph of a vehicle when it passes by the camera at too high a speed.
  • Camera4true.png
    Rlc white.jpeg
    a red light camera takes a photograph of a vehicle that enters an intersection after the light is red. In some areas, it takes the photograph when a vehicle is not clear of the intersection some period after the light turns red.

Be sure to know your cameras before accepting new camera reports.

When adding a camera, be sure to review the camera placement recommendations.

Laws regarding speed and red light cameras vary between the states and territories, so be sure to understand the details of camera legality in Oregon.

Based on information researched at the time this page was created, the limited legality of speed cameras in Oregon is described in this page, and red light cameras are permitted statewide in Oregon.

No other camera types should be mapped in Waze.

To do list

To do list.png

Many states and territories keep an active list of pending or closed actions that need to be done in the state by the editors. All editors are welcome to contribute to the list of activities.

This state does not currently have an active "to do" list at this time. Check in the Oregon section of the Waze forums to discuss creating one.

Area Managers

The table below identifies the editors also designated as Area Managers or higher who are editing in Oregon. If you have any questions, please consider contacting them directly as needed. If you are an Area Manager that covers Oregon, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Oregon, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username) in the correct rank section.

The editor who also serves as the Regional Coordinator for Oregon is automatically listed at the top of the table. That editor may not be highly active in this state and therefore may not be listed separately in the table.

Oregon — Area, State and Country Managers
Regional Coordinator(s): AlanOfTheBerg (PM)
Username Area Managed Comments
Country Managers (Northwest region)
(Add to or edit Country and State sections of table)
AlanOfTheBerg(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Statewide BadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge CountryManager.pngBadge GlobalChamp.png
Lifelong resident
State Managers (Northwest region)
FzNk(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Statewide Badge StateManager.png
Resident of state
Area Managers
(Add to or edit this section)
AJSmoke(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Portland Metro Badge AreaManager.png
elle-emme(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Clackamas Badge AreaManager.png
Salem, OR to Woodland, WA
serega_12(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Washington Badge AreaManager.png
PDX to Longview, WA
sjg639(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Lane Badge AreaManager.png
SkyviewGuru(4) [PM] Profile L4.png Edge of Eastern Oregon Badge StateManager.png
Idaho State Manager
thewebdiggity(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Union Badge AreaManager.png
La Grande area
Mapman44(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Coos, Curry, Douglas, Josephine Badge AreaManager.png
Coos Bay

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