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Information related to using Waze in the State of Kentucky.

Cities and Towns

The cities and towns in Kentucky are maintained in a Google Spreadsheet to track progress by the Kentucky AM's. Both City and Functional Classification data is in the spreadsheet.

Kentucky Cities to Manage Spreadsheet

Google Map visual areas edited - Work in Progress, does not yet reflect all areas edited in Spreadsheet above

Functional Classification Data

According to the Kentucky Department of Transportation, Functional Classification is described as the following.

Functional classification groups streets and highways into classes or systems according to the character of service they are intended to provide. This classification recognizes that individual roads and streets do not serve travel independently. Rather, travel involves movement through a network of inter-related roads and streets. Because a highway network is limited and restrictive, the movement must be channeled through an efficient, hierarchical system of facilities that progress from a lower classification handling short, locally oriented trips to a higher classification as the trips become longer and connect regional and inter-regional traffic generators. The level of service provided by, and function performed by, each facility within this hierarchical system determines its functional classification

Waze maps should match the standards defined in the Road_types/USA Wiki page and how they map to the information provided by the Kentucky Department of Transportation. Be aware that there are some exceptions to rules and to set the Road Type in Waze accordingly. Mapping "by color" may lead to exceptions being missed and roads being of the incorrect type.

The easiest resource to use for Functional Classification data in Kentucky is the Kentucky Active Highway Plan site. To show Functional Class information, go to the Legend tab, click the arrow next to System, then check the box for Functional Class. Also be sure to uncheck the "Active Highway Plan" in the Legend.

If you'd prefer offline PDFs, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Functional Classification website has maps for major cities and all counties in Kentucky.

Major Roads

See Road names/USA, Road types/USA and Kentucky/Roads by type (work in progress). This page is also useful, Kentucky Highway Page.

Major Construction Projects

The Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project

Special Roads

Speed / Red Light Cameras

There are NO known Speed or Red Light cameras active in Kentucky. All cameras in Kentucky can be deleted.

States using Speed Cameras

How to Identify Cameras

Landmark Guidelines

The Connecticut folks have compiled a good list of landmarks they feel should be mapped and how they should be mapped on the Connecticut/Landmarks page.

To Do List

Want to help out with the map in Kentucky? Check out the Kentucky Cities to Manage Spreadsheet

Mapping Utilities

Other Map Resources


Area Managers

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM
Kentucky Area USA Country Managers
Khaytsus Most of Kentucky USA Country Manager, primary editing remains in Kentucky. PM
Level 4 Area Managers
MapOMatic Most of Kentucky All areas in AM except westernmost of state. PM
MeridianHills nearly 1/2 of Kentucky Western & Northern Kentucky PM
xanderb North Central KY Louisville-Lincoln Region PM
Level 3 Area Managers
bumpandruneveryday Southeast Kentucky PM
StraubeyKY Northern Kentucky PM

If you are an Area Manager that covers the State of Kentucky, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Kentucky, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username) and let Khaytsus know so he can add Edit rights to the Spreadsheet so you can update the areas that are edited.