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This page serves as the primary guide for editing practices in the state of Idaho. At present, this page was created as is being maintained by aemfield, the area manager for Southeast and much of Central Idaho. As this is a skeleton document at the moment, others familiar with this area are welcome to help get the primary content in this page. However, it should be structured similar to other states with useful information, such as Texas and The Southeast region.

Any information that is not currently a community standard, or accepted as a standard in the state of Idaho should be discussed on the Idaho forum before being incorporated. Anything that is in conflict with the general editing practices of the Waze community shall be discussed in the forums first, with strong reasoning for differences.

Idaho is part of the Northwest region, which is administered by AlanOfTheBerg.

Editing in Idaho

Requirements for Editing in Idaho

Idaho has received limited attention thus far, and is in need of far more capable editors than are currently working in the state regularly. However, in order to ensure that we work together as a team and that we can communicate effectively, the following are requirements for editing in the state. Editors are required to have a non usa_username, have their private messaging turned on, and keep the "live users" layer turned on. Additionally, they should keep there eyes on the chat window, which can be used to ask questions and receive guidance.

Finally, we expect that anyone editing in the state takes the time to read through all of the best practices, and becomes familiar with the Wiki as a whole. This will limit the number of improper edits.

Editors in Idaho (Lv3 +)

The editors listed in this table are those most familiar with editing in the state. If you want to begin editing in the state, they are great resources and contacts for any questions.

If you are not currently listed in the table and need to be, please contact send aemfield a PM (or add yourself).

Idaho — Area, State and Country Managers
Regional Coordinator(s): AlanOfTheBerg (PM)
Username Area Managed Comments
Country Managers (Northwest region)
(Add to or edit Country and State sections of table)
AlanOfTheBerg(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Statewide Badge GlobalChamp.pngBadge CountryManager.pngBadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge Mentor Global Champ.png
Resident of OR
State Managers (Northwest region)
Area Managers
aemfield(3) [PM] Profile L3.png Southeast and south-central Idaho Based in central Florida, but grew up and traveled throughout all of Idaho.

State Information

Statewide Resources





Interstates and Highways in Idaho


Roads in Idaho

Road Naming


Road Types


Road Locks

We follow the Northwest region locking standard which is:

  • Freeway and Ramp : 4
  • Major Highway : 3
  • Minor Highway and Primary Street : 2

Note that there will always be exceptions and high-value intersections or unique configurations which are likely to confuse even veteran editors, and these may be locked higher at Level 5 or even 6.

Functional Classification (FC)

Idaho uses a literal one-to-one conversion of the FC standards to the roads in Waze. Roads should not be mapped otherwise without discussion in the Idaho forum, with a rationale for why it should not follow Idaho's FC. This allows for consistency not only within Idaho, but with most of the nation (and in particular, regional states.)

Idaho "2025" Functional Classification Map has both 2015 and 2015 functional classifications available as overlays. The 2015 map is current-day (2015). The 2025 overlay has some additions but also some current-day functionally classified streets are no longer. Also, there are planned streets for 2025 which are not built yet and so cannot be added to the Waze map.

Refer to the Functional Classification Quick Reference Chart to determine the correct Waze road type. Remember that a US Highway or Interstate business route in urban areas where streets are named locally, that an alternate street designation may be key to determining the correct Waze road type.

Special Road Types

Dirt Roads


Unpaved Roads


Non-Drivable Roads




In Idaho, we maintain the standard and do not map walkways or pedestrian routes.


While Idaho does not currently have any laws against speed or red light cameras, there are no programs in the state that use these. As such, no cameras should be added to the map in the state unless the state begins using them.