How to label cities (India)

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This forms part of India Editing Best Practice. Editors are encouraged to follow these guidelines.

City and County Naming

The City field should be used to specify the city, town or village for all the streets within it.
Rural roads that are in-between towns should be left with No city.

Where possible, the simplest unique name should be used.

The editor will display the error message "The highlighted road is too far from the city it was added to" when attempting to add a duplicate name. This is to prevent smudges and means that a different name will need to be chosen for that town or village.

For problems with smudged cities, we are currently gathering several solutions and workarounds.

City Suburbs

For very large cities with suburbs, then the suburb should become the name of the town with the city name as the suffix. This is particularly important for generating useful the traffic reports, especially when there are long arterial or ring roads that go through several parts of the city.