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This page covers road names for the country listed in the page title. For other countries see this page.



A word before we start with the actual translation:

This is a translation of the respectiveAT-Wiki-Page. We considered this necessary to ensure the inclusion of fellow wazers in Austria, who do not have German as their mother language. Also we would like to encourage INTL-Users to see how we solve AT-typical problems and share their thougts with us, so we added some explanations (for background information or discussion purposes) you will not find in the original version - like this preface. They are formatted in Italic-style to seperate them from the translation. Don't hesitate to use the link to the Austrian forum, even if it is in German - some of us will reply to english posts too. Now back to the translation.

This documentation is intended to give the new editors a good start up in editing roads and follows the KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle.

It is therefore kept strictly basic and staight forward, so it does not reflect every possibility or aspect.

In case of any questions visit the Regional Forum Austria. (German forum, but feel free to post in english - that's easier for us to understand than any automated translation)

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Road Classification

How to name roads, road labels and urban areas in Austria.

  • AT-Editors are encouraged to use this document as a reference: Referenzseite

Map Legend Austria

The Map Legend Austria contains information about labeling and the varous segments.

Table of available Road Categories in the Editor

This list is meant as a reference to the Austrian road system. The original designations of the various road types (as used on traffic signs) are not translated


  • Freeway => Autobahnen and Schnellstraßen (Ax, Sx)
  • Major Highway => Bundesstraßen and Landesstraßen (Bxxx)
  • Minor Highway => Landesstraßen (Lx - Lxxx)
  • Ramps => Ramps and Exits of Freeways


  • Primary Street => Main streets, main traffic routes in larger cities and low level Landesstraßen (Lxxxx)
  • Street => all other roads
  • Service Road => category does not exist any more

Other - drivable

  • Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails => Feldstraßen (Land- & Forstwitschaft), Waldstraßen etc.
  • Parking Lot Road => roads off the main roadgrid, dedicated for parking purposes, gas stations, Drive-Thru
  • Private Road => private roads (for residents only), access to residential areas


  • Walking Trails => Fußwege (foot paths), roads not accessible by private vehicles
  • Pedestrian Boardwalk => Fußgängerzonen, Uferwege / pedestrian zones, bank paths
  • Stairway => Treppen
  • Railroad => Eisenbahnen, tram lines are not to be mapped
  • Runway/Taxiway => Lande- und Rollbahnen
    currently not supported in the client, using the Landmark (Airport) is absolutely sufficient!)

How to label and name roads in the Editor

Before getting to the point of this chapter a word of advise: For a better comprehension of the way waze is caculating routes please visit the Quick Help and enter "Penalty" into the NanoRep box. This provides valuable knowledge for a better understanding of the following secttion.

Road and City Names

The Waze-Client offers TTS (Text to Speech) since version 3.2.x.

Road names are announced according to how they are written in the Map Waze Editor.

An implementation of voice control is available in N.A. and is scheduled for German too.

Therefore it is neccessary to avoid abreviations - allways use the full written name.

Urban Areas

The City field comprises the Gemeindename. City is short for Municipality.
Postal Codes and naming of urban areas (i.e. towns or suburbs) is currently not supported in the Editor.

Each and every segment should have the city field filled (exceptions see below).

Allways use the full written form in the City Field. For example:
"Sankt Anna am Aigen" instead of "St. Anna a. Aigen"
"Bruck an der Leitha" instead of "Bruck a/d Leitha"

The Gemeindename is to be applied in the City field for all roads in the area of a Gemeinde, except for Freeways, which are to be labeled as "No City" (see below).

Autobahnen and Schnellstraßen (A & S)

  • Road Type: Freeway
  • activate No-City checkbox
  • Name: <Codenumber of Autobahn> if aplicable add <Euro-Route-Number>
    Examples „A1 - E60“ res. „A1“
  • Alt. Name of Autobahnen
    Example „West Autobahn“
  • Name <Codenumber of Schnellstraße> (S1, S36 etc.) if applicable add <Euro-Route-Number>
    Example: „S37" or "S3 - E49"
  • Alt. Name of Schnellstraßen
    Example „Klagenfurter Schnellstraße“
  • Elevation: to be set to actual elevation, like all other roads (not exclusively to elevation 0, like it was in the past, bridges are +1, tunnels are -1 (and the tunnel checkbox ticked)
    with crossovers/undergrade crossings the crossing segment ist set to +/-
  • activate Toll Road checkbox on all Freeway segments, where the 'Vignette' (road tax sticker) has to be affixed to the car (Exception: those parts of the Austrian high level road grid, that are specifically excluded from the mandatory toll); 'Sondermautstrecken' (parts of the highway, where you have to pay an additional toll at the toll boothes, see have to be marked as Toll Road as well (there is no differentiation possible)

Note: Please use " - " (<blank><minus><blank>) to separate Autobahn-/Schnellstraßen-number from Euro-Route-Number. Be also aware that some roads or part of roads of the Austrian freeway-network (Autobahnen & Schnellstraßen) are not part of the Euro-Route-Network and therefore do not have Euro-Route-Numbers.

On-Ramps and Off-ramps (Exits)

  • Road Type: Ramp
  • activate no City checkbox
  • AltName: none
  • On-Ramps
    • Name: <Codenumber> ">" <Name of indicated City>
      Example "A1 > Salzburg" or "A2 - E66 > Wien / Klagenfurt"
      Note: TTS interprets ">" as "Richtung" (Direction)
    • Toll road: activated (according to the toll road status of the road it is going to/from)
  • Off-Ramps (Exits)
    • Name: <AS><blank><Nr><blank><Name of indicated City> Example"AS 19 Traiskirchen" br>Note: TTS interprets "AS" as "Ausfahrt" (Exit)
    • Toll Road: deactivated

Apply a "Junction/Interchance" landmark to the junction/exit and name it <km><blank><Name>
i.e. 115 Mautern in Steiermark

Editing Autobahnen

Austrian Editors are encouraged to refer to the German page Autobahnen bearbeiten which offers a good Instuction for editing Autobahnen and Ramps/Exits.


Bundesstraßen and Landesstraßen (Bxxx)

  • Road Type: Major Highway
  • Rural Areas:
    • Name: <Codenumber><blank><minus><blank><Name> (if aplicable add <Euro-Route-Number>)
      Example: "B70 - Völkermarkter Straße" or "B4 - E49 - Horner Straße"
    • AltName: <Name> without the codenumber in front, City: No City
  • Urban Areas (where the road is given a street/address name IRL): (Example B129 crossing Linz)
    • Name: <Codenumber><blank><minus><blank><local name in the city> ((if aplicable add <Euro-Route-Number>)
      Example: "B125 - Freistädter Straße" (ad housenumbers if necessary)
    • AltName: local name in the city (address) without the road codenumber in front
    • AltName: Name in rural areas without the codenumber in front, City: No City

Annotation: the AltNames without the code number and with NoCity are necessary for the address search, because it finds only exact matches (and nobody will search for the address "B125 - Freistädter Straße", only for "Freistädter Straße").

Heres another example, this time illustrated: In the Municipality of Sallingberg the "B36 - Zwettler Straße" is crossing the village Lugendorf, where Houses along the B36 (example Lugendorf 5) are NOT adressed with "Zwettler Straße"

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...finally the "Overkill": what to do, if two different Landesstraßen B share the same Segment? Just follow this example:

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Landesstraßen (Lx – Lxxx)

  • Road Type: Minor Highway
  • Name: as explained above, handling is the same in urban and rural areas

Hauptstraßen and low level Landesstraßen (Lxxxx)

  • Road Type: Primary
  • Name: as explained above, if there is no name / it is unknown, use only the Codenumber instead e.g. "L4001"

other Roads, secondary Roads

  • Road Type: Street
  • Name: <Name>
  • AltName: leave empty

Fuel Stations, Rest Areas, Drive Ins

  • Road type: Parking Lot Road
  • Toll Road checkbox: only as required according to österreichische Vignettenverordnung
    Note: Rest Areas at Motorways are considered part of the Motorway and therefore the toll-sticker has to be on a vehicle, even if there is access via a tollfree road too! Therefore we mark them, we won't let you get fined.

Other Drivable roadtypes

Farmroads, Fieldtracks etc.

  • Road Type: Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails

Roads in parking areas and roads leading into parking lots

  • Parking Lot Road

Roads reserved for Residents or employees on a company area

  • Road Type: Private Road

Please keep in mind, that Waze allows routing along such roads too. Routing along roads reserved for residents should be prevented. Consult the Regional Forum Austria, for more information about suitable measures, if the need arises.

Other Non-Drivable Roadtypes


  • Road Type: Walking Trails
  • Direction: Unknown

Fußgängerzonen, Uferwege

  • Road Type: Pedestrian Boardwalk
  • Direction: Unknown

Please keep in mind, that Waze basically includes such segments in the routing, if there is no other alternative to reach the destination. The term "Non-Drivable" can therefore be a bit confusing. As with "Private Roads", try to ensure, that such elements are excluded from routing.

For proper techniques consult the Regional Forum Austria or contact experienced users there(CM und AM)


  • Name: Name of the railroad line (e.g. Westbahn)
  • City: Name of the city
  • Road Type: Railroad / Eisenbahn
  • Direction: Unknown
  • Elevation/Ebene: actual elevation, like with roads (not exclusively to elevation -5, like it was in the past), with crossovers/undergrade crossings the railroad is set to +/-
  • Lock: 5
  • if there is a level-crossing with roads a junction should be created to get correct transit time values before and after the railroad crossing

Tram lines should not be mapped.



For all roads below the surface we apply to the folowing method:

The elevation is set to -1 and the tickbox tunnel is checked. The segment with elevation -1 should start at least 15 metres before the tunnel and end at least 15 metres after the tunnel, so waze can recognize the user entering and leaving the tunnel segment.

Apply a Landmark covering the tunnel-section.

  • Typ: Tunnel
  • name: <Designation of Tunnel><blank><Length in m>"m"

Example: "Herzogbergtunnel 2093m" or "Unterflurtrasse Kaisermühlen 2120m"


Whenever you bring the end of a road onto an existing road a junction with turn restrictions is created.

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Basically a junction has no influance on labeling an naming, the forementioned rules apply unchanged. In case of a complicated junction or just to get an idea, what possibilities there are to influence the behaviour of the client please refer to the Junction Style Guide (Warning, not KISS).

Again, for a better comprehension of the way waze is caculating routes feel free to visit the Quick Help and enter "Penalty" into the NanoRep box.



  • Why not use abreviations?
    As mentioned above Waze uses the entries for TTS, apart from certain keywords abreviations cannot be processed and therefore prevent proper function of the TTS.
  • Straße or Strasse?
    In Austria the proper spelling for road is "Straße". If your device does not support the German letter "ß" the use of the secondary spelling "Strasse" is acceptable. Wenever possible, one should try to use the proper form (i.e. try AltGr+"s" or copy from an existing road using the clipboard) to ensure homogenous spelling.
  • Still questions
    Feel free to paticipate in the Regional Forum Austria. The Austrian community happiliy welcomes every editor willing to activly participate.
    Once again we would like to encourage you to state your comments or questions in English, even if the Austrian forum is in German. Some of us will surely reply to your posts.
    Please keep in mind, that all of us - like you - are not Waze-employees and have private life too. So please allow some time for response (especially during weekends or public holidays).

Background Information for proper road categorizing

General Background Information abaut Austria

Austria- provincial regions

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