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Information related to editing in the District of Columbia.

Cities and towns

Washington is the only city in the District of Columbia and it spans the entire area.

Do not use the names associated with ZIP codes or the name of a neighborhood, community, or subdivision. Be sure to also set the city name of any alternate names correctly.

Major roads

See Road names/USA, Road types/USA, and Abbreviations and acronyms.


Places is the Waze Point of Interest (POI) system. Places supports two types of POIs: Point and Area. Disctrict of Columbia editors should follow the Places Wiki for guidance in regards to mapping Points of Interest & Businesses.

Major construction projects

See this thread in the DC Forum for a list of long term road closures and changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze Map.

Special roads


  • Alleys should always be mapped if they have a name.
  • Alleys should always be mapped if they are the sole access to a home or business.
  • Alleys should always be set to "Private"
  • Alleys are normally mapped if they are acknowledged by the municipality.

If an alley does not meet the above criteria, mapping is optional. Leave the name field blank.

Non-drivable roads

Generally, if a path can't be driven on (e.g. Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk, Stairway, Railroad, Runway/Taxiway) then it not normally mapped. If it is mapped, it should not be connected to any roads. This is due to the way the routing engine works, as Waze will route users to drive on these "non-drivable" road types.

It is permitted to map Railroads since some users run Waze while on the train and contributing false data to the system. This false data has been known to effect drivers on adjacent roads. Railroads should be level -5 and locked at the highest level of the editor.

Time restricted turns

Visit the Scheduled restrictions page for instructions on time restricted turns.

Speed / red light cameras

In the District of Columbia, there are seven different types of traffic enforcement cameras. Below is a table containing each type of camera and how it should be mapped.

Camera Type Icon Used
Traditional Speed Cameras Speed Camera
Speed Cameras at Intersections Speed Camera
Traditional Red Light Cameras Red Light Camera
Gridlock Cameras Red Light Camera
Stop Sign Cameras Red Light Camera
Pedestrian Right of Way Cameras Red Light Camera
Oversized Vehicle Cameras Not Mapped

Reference the DC MPD Automated Traffic Enforcement page to verify camera locations.

Other camera types

These are cameras or signs that either provide driver feedback or are used for traffic control. These devices CAN NOT issue tickets and should not be mapped.

How to Identify Cameras.

Speed limits

The speed limit on all streets in the District of Columbia, unless otherwise posted, is 25 mph. Relatively few streets are otherwise posted, and most of those are main arterials that are classified as Major Highway or Minor Highway for Waze purposes.

Mapping resources

These are official sources of information that can be used in the editor, in the form of downloadable PDFs or interactive GIS maps. See Using External Sources for acceptable sources of information.

DC Atlas Plus


USA section of Waze Forum

District of Columbia section of Waze Forum

US Unlock & Update Requests

Neighboring states

See the following links for mapping information specific to these neighboring states:

Area Managers

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM
Rank 6 Country Managers
CBenson Region 10 Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Rank 6 PM
Rank 5 State Manager
russblau State Manager (also area manager for Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax) PM
Rank 4 Area Managers
Nimbus- PM
Rank 3 Area Managers
jr1982jr Northeast Washington DC PM

If you are an Area Manager that covers the District of Columbia, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in DC, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username).

If you have questions, you can send a PM (private message) to your Area Manager through the forum. If your area is not listed, enable the Area Managers layer in the map editor to identify them. Some areas have multiple area managers while other areas have none.