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Complete Guide to Waze in Cyprus (Under Development, Copied from the UK Guide will slowly customize)

Getting Started

Hopefully you're reading this and want to edit the map, either because you've found a mistake or you want to add a new road. Either way, it is important that you adhere to the standards already set.

  • Please also read the various Editing Guidelines below.

Editing Best Practice

Cyprus editors are encouraged to follow these guidelines, which may differ from the generic guides.

Editing Resources for Cyprus

Editors & Area Managers

Here is a list of local editors who constantly update the map in Cyprus, and foreign editors who help with support to locals.

User Level Editor
cymike 3 Local
asfalemeso 3 Local, Area Manager
Lenamax07 3 Local
Rabestro 3 Local
Boxexas 3 Local, Area Manager
Stavros-S 2 Local
sirBully 2 Local
tsentas 2 Local
jesper-skriver 2 Local
pensivenomad 2 Local
vknari 2 Local
canilkeronur 2 Local
ByzdeJr 1 Local
AlekosCY 1 Local
interfix 1 Local
broncoella 1 Local
mstylianou 1 Local
ShaperIT 1 Local
themi97 1 Local
efty 1 Local
Bruneisteve 1 Local
tasaliev 1 Local
NickRokk 1 Local
Kabasco2019 1 Local
AntonM030481 1 Local
philipman87 1 Local
tgifridayscyprus 1 Local
vasodys 1 Local
OrbitC 6 Country Coordinator, Country Manager
bures 6 Area Manager
pulsarxp 6 Area Manager
mareku188 5 Country Manager
yaniskyr 5 Area Manager
WallyGT06 5 Area Manager
mapdevil 4 Area Manager

Cyprus Editor Community