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Texas Highway Naming Conventions

Sign Type/Description Explanation Suggested Street Name
Square with blue background, toll 183A Toll SH-xxx Toll
Square with white background, no Texas 45 SH-xx
Square with white background, Texas Texas 31 TX-xx
Pentagon with name of highway Example Example
Square with Beltway no toll Beltway 8 on Frontage Road Beltway x
Square with Beltway Toll Beltway 8 Beltway x Toll
Square with RM and FM RM 620 RM xxx or FM xxx
State of Texas with Ranch Road Really an FM or RM RM xxx or FM xxx as appropriate except for Ranch Road 1
Example Example Example
Example Example Example

Some general issues and/or suggestions:

  • People want to know when they are on a toll road so we should use Toll in the name when there is an identical or similar number on the frontage road. This is especially important since the signs say toll on them most of the time
  • Some square signs say Texas on them. Should they be SH-xx or TX-xx?
  • Texas has in a some cases "preempted" US highways and normal Texas state highways with limited access toll roads. The frontage roads sometimes have the old number and/or a street name (like Research in Austin and Beltway 8 in Dallas). Wazers need to know which they are on and we need to preserve any street numbering associated with what is now the frontage road.