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If you are mapping this region, please update the wiki with where you are working! I don't "own" the state of Colorado, just trying to create something so we all can coordinate better. Contact me if you have questions or feel free to update the wiki as you see fit!


This page is intended to cover the rest of Colorado not in the Denver Metro area, including the other metro areas as identified here


If you are editing in Colorado, be sure to monitor the Colorado forum and Southwest US forum for more information.

Metro areas

Metro area Active Editors Started Progress Comment
Denver-Aurora-Broomfield RobFromLafayette, bgodette, MrPete, Jenncard n/a ... ...
Colorado Springs jrhamilt,MrPete (mostly north and east) n/a ~60% - Area Completed: I-25 to Powers, Briargate Pkwy to Fountain. Working on roads west of I-25, Woodmen to Ft Carson. (Currently at Garden of the Gods).
Estes Park dougp01 n/a 40% (maybe)
Editor only, I often drive the areas around Estes Park as well as areas where GPS functions within RMNP. This entire area needs lots of work as there are errors still existing from years past.
Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor dougp01 n/a 50% to 75%
Area manager (area).

Includes Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath, Windsor, Wellington, Laporte, Campion, Johnstown, Berthoud and parts between.
Greeley MotherOwl n/a ... Includes: The greater Greeley/Evans/Garden City area, Eaton, Ault, Briggsdale, Gill, Kersey, La Salle, Gilcrest, and Platteville
Pueblo MrPete (mostly west side) n/a ... ...
Grand Junction irowiki n/a ... ...
Edwards ... n/a ... ...
Durango irowiki / ply8808 n/a 80% ...
Canon City MrPete (every few months, and north into the wild areas :) ) n/a ... ...
Montrose irowiki n/a ... ...
Fort Morgan MotherOwl n/a ... Including Ft. Morgan, Brush, Log Lane Village, Weldona, and the Snyder/Hillrose area
Silverthorne ... n/a ... ...
Sterling Mother Owl n/a ... The boundaries for this area should be from Merino east to Julesberg along I-76 and US 6 from the I-76 junction at Sterling east to Holyoke
Boulder, Niwot, Longmont, Loveland, Ft Collins j4mookie n/a ... ...


Section Assigned Editor Started Progress Comment
I- 25 exit information
South of Denver: from Castle Pines to New Mexico jenncard n/a Directionality, connectivity done exits: starting from NM, north to Exit 50
North of Denver: Rob can edit to Ft Collins n/a ... ...
I- 70 exit information
Kanorado to just south of this exit (the edge of my edit)... jenncard Sep 2011 Connectivity cleared, excess nodes removed, E/W names assigned No work on exits yet

Major Highways / aka US Hwy

This section should include the major US Highway routes listed here

US Highway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
US Hwy 6
... TBD Unassigned ...
US Hwy 24 (total distance 277 miles
Minturn to Woodland Park TBD Unassigned ...
Woodland Park to Calhan TBD Unassigned ...
Calhan to Burlington TBD Unassigned ...
US Hwy 40 (total distance 500 miles)
Utah to Craig (90miles) ... ... ... ...
east of Craig to Hwy 131 east of Steamboat ... ... ... ...
Steamboat to Kremling ... ... ... ...
Kremling to Fraser ... ... ... ...
Fraser to Empire Jenni DONE DONE DONE
Empire to to Limon ... I- 70 overlap ... ...
Limon to Kansas border ... ... ... ...
US Hwy 50 (total distance 500 miles)
Grand Junction to Delta Jenni Oct 8 In fits and starts ...
Delta to


Jenni Oct 1 In fits and starts ...
Montrose to

Somewhere in Gunnison to Somewhere in Poncha Springs to Canon City to Pueblo/I-25

... ... ... ...

Minor Highways / aka State Hwy

This section should include the major State Highway routes listed here

CO Highway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
CO-119 tbd 04/15/10

Rural areas

Rural area Active Editors Started Progress Comment
North-East Plains (East of I25) MrPete (mostly S of I70) n/a ... ...
South-East Plains (East of I25) MrPete (mostly N of US50) n/a ... ...
Southern Mountains, East of Cont Divide ... n/a ... ...
Mid State, East of Cont Divide MrPete (285/Buena Vista and east to I25) n/a ... ...
North of I70, East of Cont Divide ... n/a ... ...
South West, West of Cont Divide ... n/a ... ...
Mid State, West of Cont Divide MrPete (Crested Butte/Gunnison to Buena Vista) n/a ... ...
North of I70, West of Cont Divide ... n/a ... ...

Map editing guidelines

(or: Let's Just Do This Once), pulled from Boston metro To-do pages

Other Items (not listed below)

  • Only split a road into 2 lanes if there is greater than a 20' median, e.g. 2 or more lanes could fit inside. Anything smaller should be a single road, even if there is a physical barrier (this will help with U-Turns, and will make it easier to edit the map in the short and long term).
  • Note that in the old editor, there's also a feature allowing a mid-road line, which may help on roads with a physical barrier but not a lot of lanes.

Interstates/Major/Minor Highways

Due to issues with automatically generating shields on Highways with directionality, it appears to be MOST EFFECTIVE to add directionality, e.g. "I-70 E" as the first step!

  • eliminate unnecessary junctions: mid-segment, other than where the city changes or speed limit changes, get rid of 'em. (Important exception: don't make segments too long, because traffic analysis is per-segment. Perhaps keep it less than 1km per segment?)
  • confirm lane directionality (note: one-way roads do not have center dividers)
  • connectivity between highway segments
  • road type is correct
  • finalize geometry (remember to preserve Alt Names when changing geometry)
  • naming: preserve TIGER base map naming as requested by Waze (common name, followed by US/State Hwy numbers and other aliases)


  • eliminate unnecessary junctions
  • geometry matches aerials
  • directions correct (note: one-way roads do not have center dividers)
  • road type set to "ramps"
  • street names should match existing signage; e.g.:
    • "Exit 20: Boston / Brighton / Cambridge"
    • "to I-90 W / Worcester"
  • when a ramp segment has no sign of its own (e.g., after two ramps merge), borrow from the names of the "upstream" ramps, which should be similar if not identical
  • check & correct all connectivity among ramps & roads--critical for proper routing

Helpful tip: if a ramp (or any other type of road) segment has no name, the client will display the next non-empty name in line. For example, suppose you have a two-way ramp segment. You can't name it as either an on- and off-ramp, because traffic (and navigation) will be using it for both. The solution is to leave the name blank, which will cause the names of adjoining segments to be displayed.

Wiki editing info can be found here. Sounds scary but it's easy Just watch this short video.


The Colorado DOT maps are reasonable good and very usable:

Don't use the map visible in Traffic Data as an information source because that's NavTeq's tiles. MapView is government GIS being displayed with ESRI's viewer so it valid source material. Windshield is CDOT produced as well and is a good source for all BGS imagery for any numbered route in Colorado.

Current Construction Projects

Closed Places

This section may not be necessary. It could be useful for any place that is closed that we want to keep track of. For example, if we think it will be added back within a few months.