Перекрытия дорог

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Дороги могут быть частично или полностью закрыты в одном или обоих направлениях по нескольким причинам:

  • Ремонтные работы / строительство
  • Стихийные бедствия / аварии
  • Локальные мероприятия / события

Необходимо учитывать, что в этих случаях дорога может быть закрыта в течение нескольких часов, дней, недель и даже лет. В зависимости от того, как долго дорога будет закрыта следует определить, какой метод использовать для обновления карты.


There are four methods to control traffic flow:

  1. Mega events
  2. Temporary Road Closures
  3. Partial restrictions
  4. Disconnect road segments

Перекрытия дорог/Overview list

Hours, days, weeks

If the road is affected for only a few hours or even a few weeks then use the Report > Closure feature in the Waze client application. Note this requires a person be physically located at the point of the road closure to report it in the client application. Alternately, the Partial restrictions feature in WME, can be used for these situations until the road closure feature can be accessed directly in WME.

Weeks, months, years

WME has the ability to restrict traffic flow through the Partial restrictions feature. For road construction situations, refer to that article for more specific information.

Daily for certain times

If the road is closed every day or numerous days for a certain time of day, the proper solution will require Time-based turn restrictions, also known as scheduled restrictions.

NOTES for all durations

The current time frame for map tile generation is every day on all map infrastructures. Due to when the map update cycle starts, road closures and openings should be saved in the editor two days prior to the event.

  • Don't forget to edit the map back when the road partially or completely reopens.
  • If a road is closed, it is generally a last resort to disconnect the section of road that is closed. Try one of the other alternatives first and if none of those will work for your situation, then considering disconnecting the road. Changing the road direction to "Unknown" will not prevent routing on the road since this means to Waze that it should analyze drives along this segment and change the road direction automatically. This setting will allow Waze to create routes along the road as if it were a 2-way segment.
  • If one direction of a road is closed, change the road direction to "One-Way" and also put a turn restriction as appropriate on junctions with the road.
  • There is no need to edit the map for lane closures.
  • If the road is slower than usual, Waze will learn the average road speed has fallen and make automatic Road reports.
  • If there is an official detour route, Waze will learn about it as you drive it.
  • You should check all surrounding roads are mapped properly and have correct directionality and connectivity so that Waze can find the best detour.
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